Lust for life

Gearing up

In today’s session the players wanted to talk to Cawti to see if she could accompany them, or help them in any significant way for their quest to infiltrate Greanaere.
On their way they rescued Content Not Found: siegfried from a band of Blight Climbers. He is a dragonborn who survived the recent slaughters. He claims to be following a lead that will help him in his personal quest.

The party arrived at the fortifications the rebellion had constructed and Content Not Found: igor met a comrade from way back amongst a batch of new recruits.
Cawti told the party she couldn’t help them in person, but she could provide them with some resources and assistance of a member of the Bitch Patrol. The only problem was that a convoy with much needed supplies was just laywayed. The party successfully managed to snatch it back from the Blight’s claws before it was in their encampment and out of reach.

First intro session

The players met each other being recruited by Vlad
As a first assignment they were asked to disable the leader of the Rebellion who have been requiring a lot of Vlad’s wife Cawti

T—he campaign ended in the players luring off the head of the organisation, framing him in a brothel and creating a relative violent schism between the believers and the sceptic.


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